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  • Learn how to distinguish normal anger from problem anger, and discover ways for dealing with normal anger that are healthy and valuable.

  • Learn the #1 reason people become and stay angry, and what you can do about it.

  • Learn how to calculate the cost of anger on your life, career and relationships, and how to channel your anger into constructive thinking.

  • Learn what your anger management history consists of so you can start identifying and eliminating anger triggers and begin feeling better.

  • Discover the top 2 ways to stop feeling stuck and start healing your anger emotions in a positive and constructive manner.

  • Find out what the healthiest way is to end your struggle with anger and eliminate the tug-of-war you may experience daily.

  • Find out what the 5 components are to the anger process, and how you can gather vital information revealing the center of your anger struggle.

  • Learn how to convert trigger thoughts into healthy thoughts that will eliminate anger.

  • Learn how to manage anger by becoming an unbiased observer, and start earning back control of your life and the respect of your loved ones.

  • Discover what a mental “DVD” is and how it can help you remove anger experiences from your life forever.

  • And Much More . . .

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