Sample Extract 2 From Anger Management


In the last exercise, you reflected on the costs of your anger. Many of these costs probably led you to do one thing or another to avoid doing them in the future. For example, you may have blamed yourself or others for your hurt. You may have insisted on you being right and others being wrong. You may have blown up and yelled at people. Have these strategies made you less angry and happier with your life? Have they moved you in directions you want your life to take? Now, we would like you to reflect on what you have done about your anger and how well these past strategies have worked for you.


The reason for doing this kind of reflection is that we don’t want you to go on doing more of the same, especially when old anger management strategies have not worked for you. Successful anger transformation begins with facing—openly and honestly—each attempt at anger management, each past strategy, and seeing how it has worked.


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